Oh my darlin', oh my darlin'

Oh my darlin Clementine

You are lost and gone forever

Dreadful sorry Clementine

In a cavern, in a canyon

Excavating, for a mine

Dwelt a miner, forty-niner

And his daughter, Clementine

Light she was, and like a fairy

And her shoes, were number nine

Hit her foot against a splinter

Fell into the foaming brine

Ruby lips above the water

Blowing bubbles soft and fine

But alas, I was no swimmer

So I lost my Clementine

Came a Boy Scout, to the rescue

With a tiny bit of twine

Tied a loop around a post hole

Threw it to my Clementine

In a corner, in a church yard

Where the myrtle bogs entwine

Grow the roses, in their poses

Fertilized by Clementine

Now you Boy Scouts learn the moral

Of this tragic tale of mine

Artificial respiration

Would have saved my Clementine

How I missed her, how I missed her

How I missed my Clementine

Then I kissed my little sister

And forgot about my Clementine