Green Monkey

I. We were bored

A. We went driving on an old country road and ran out of gas

B. We walked for miles and found a house

C. We knocked on the door and a voice said "come in"

D. We went in and asked if he could give us some gas for our car

E. He said sure, and asked us if we would like to spend the night because it was late and the weather was getting bad

II. We decided to spend the night

A. He told us we could go anywhere in the house and do whatever we wanted except we could never touch the green monkey

B. We decided to look around

C. After a while, we had been everywhere in the big house except one door that said do not enter

D. We decided it wouldn't hurt anything if we looked inside

E. Walk though different rooms, long hallways bigger doors, etc.

III. Came upon the green monkey

A. someone touched it

B. It grew bigger and bigger and started running towards us

C. We ran through all the doors locking each one

D. Hid in the car

E. Monkey picks up the car and touches one of the guys on the shoulder and says "Tag, you're it"