Herman The German

I. Man named Herman

A. Lived in Germany

B. Liked to jump off trees and dive into swamps

C. He had been through a lot of hardships throughout his life

II. A man watches Herman diving

A. The man tells Herman he has a lot of potential and he can help

B. After a lot of practice, the coach has Herman try out for the Olympics

III. Goes to trials or Olympics

A. Does really well on first two dives

B. Does belly smacker on third

C. That's okay he has been through hardships before

IV. Repeat III as many times as necessary

V. Moves to America because Germany does not want him anymore

A. Tries out for American team

B. Belly flops third dive

C. That's okay he has been through hardships before

VI. Quits diving

A. Moves to a house in California or visits California

B. Walks along the Golden Gate Bridge and sees man drowning and jumps in to save him, or someone pays him to jump

C. Did not see big hard ship coming underneath and goes all the way through it

D. That's okay he's been through "hard ships" before