If I weren't a Boy Scout

If I weren't a Boy Scout, there's something else I'd be

If I weren't a Boy Scout, a _________, I would be

Fireman - Jump lady jump, Ohhhhhhh, splat!

Plumber - Plunge it, flush it, watch out below

Farmer - There's a cow, and there's a cow, there's a cow, YUCK!

Camp Counselor - Working all day, bringing home no pay

Program Director - Sleeping all day, making big pay

Girl Scout - Heya mister, hiya mister, want to buy a cookie

Doctor - Needle, thread, stick them in the head

Baker - Doughnuts, eclairs, buy my buns

Race Car Driver - 4th gear, 1st gear, blow an engine boom

Hippie - Hey man, wow man, far out cool

Bird watcher - Hark, a lark, flying through the park, Splat

President - Honest, I swear, I wasn't even there

Lawyer - Honest, I swear, he wasn't even there

Lifeguard - Mouth to mouth resuscitate, what a way to get a date