Joe's Story

by: Joe Fox

Many, many, years ago, there lived a king named Alexion who was sometimes really cool but could be really mean sometimes, too. He had a beautiful daughter named Cathaliason. One day Cathaliason decided it was time to get married, so she went to her father with the idea. He seemed okay with it, and Cathaliason was very happy....until he told her his one condition, that she had to marry a Navy Seal. Cathaliason was very broken hearted. Where was she ever going to find a Navy Seal who would marry a young girl? So she went to see her friend, the old munk, Joju Sensei. Now Joju Sensei was the wisest and coolest guy in the whole world, and he knew just about everything. He told Cathaliason to go to the island of the seals. "But I don't know how to get there!!" she said. So he said he would take her. So they packed their bags and left Alexion's castle to find a navy seal. They had only traveled for a few hours when they came upon the ugly, terrifying, dragon Jasoniferous. OOOOOh. Jasoniferous said, "You puny little humans! I feel hungry for a person club sandwich with lettuce and mayo!" Then he tried to attack our heroes! But Joju- Sensei just walked up to him and did a jump spin back flying cartwheel super duper power kick right into his eye, and that was the end of Jasoniferous. so the two went on until they came upon a great desert. About halfway across they were attacked by a fierce band of maurauders called the Webelons. The Webelons were known far and wide for their hobby of capturing innocent people and making them spend the night in smelly, spider infested pieces of cloth. By far the meanest of all the Weblons was their leader...Doooge even though he was only three feet tall. The Webelons attacked Cathaliason and Joju Sensei with all of their numbers. There was a great cloud of dust kicked up so a person couldn't see anything, and when the dust cleared there was Joju Sensei with Doooge hanging upside down by his feet. Joju Sensei smacked Doooge around a bit and made him tell them where the island of the seals was. Then he and Cathaliason left him hanging upside down from a tree and went on their way. Soon they came upon the great Howie Lake which was bigger than any ocean in the world. Just as they were about to take a boat across the lake they were suddenly face to face with a giant, ugly sea monster in a green surgeon's shirt. "Who are you" they asked the creature. "I am Tap, I run this lake!" he shouted. Then he tried to bite Cathaliason!! Luckily she stepped out of the way just in time and Tap fell on his face. Now Tap was so huge that he couldn't get back to his feet! So Cathaliason and Joju Sensei went on their way across the lake. Unfortunately Tap had fallen on the boat. This wasn't a problem though. Cathaliason was a very good swimmer, so she just swam across the lake. Joju Sensei didn't want to get his cloths wet so he just folded his fingers and floated about a foot above the water. Then at last they saw it! The beautiful green spire of the Island of the seals! There were all kinds of seals. Red ones, green ones, purple and mauve polka-doted ones. But, on the highest tip if the island, balancing a huge ball on his nose, sat the one and only...Navy Seal (yeah!)...Hubert. He easily agreed to return with them to the castle. They went back passing Tap, Smacking Doooge on the feet, going over Jasoniferous until they were finally back at the castle. Well, the dorky king Alexion said That's not what I meant! He isn't a Navy SEAL! He's just a dingy animal!" Well, Hubert didn't like that one bit!(Insert fight scene here).So Joju-Sensei married Hubert and Cathiliason, And they all lived fairly decently ever after!