Pink Panther

I. Classroom

A. One kid tells another kid to say, "pink panther" to the teacher

B. When he says it, the teacher sends him to the principal's office

C. The principal ask him what he did to be sent down to him

D. He finally tells the principal that all he did was say, "pink panther"

E. The principal sends him home

II. Home

A. His mom asks why he is home early

B. He informs her that he got kicked out of school

C. She asks why and after she pressures him, he explains what happend

D. She smacks him and tells him to go to his room to wait for his father

E. He sneaks out because he is afraid of what his father will do

III. Road

A. He runs across the road and gets hit by a truck

B. The moral of this story is to look both ways before crossing the street